So why is UTP the best choice in golf lessons? Not only does UTP utilize the most up to date technology used by touring professionals, we also take an individualized approach to every lesson. UTP will work with your current playing level and discuss your goals, while developing a practice plan that fits your schedule. To find out more about what every lesson entails please read below.

Staircase of Learning

UTP takes every player and evaluates and discusses goals with the player. Those goals are then compared to the player’s current playing level and a plan is developed to help the student in the correct direction. This process is called the ‘Staircase of Learning’. This is a plan of action to help the student stay on track to work towards goals that are realistic and attainable. This is a proven method to keep motivation high. This will also show the student his or her progress as they move up the staircase to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a better player.

Video Swing Analysis

At every lesson we use advanced video swing analysis provided by V1 Coaching System. This same software is used by nearly every touring professional. Video swing analysis has revolutionized the way instructors teach, and students learn. Video allows the player to see flaws in their swing, and allows the instructor to show the students the correct method. Most students will benefit greatly from being able to see their swing in action. Not only does video provide a base for learning, it also provides a way of seeing improvement, because old video can be compared to new video to show how much the student has improved.

Online Locker

UTP takes video lessons to the next level. Not only will you be able to watch your video with your instructor, you will be able to view it online from the comfort of your own home. Along with your lesson, UTP will upload your video to your own personal ‘locker’ online, so you can view your video at any time. It doesn’t just stop there; perhaps you would like to show off your new and improved swing to all your friends? You will be able to upload your video on Facebook! Every time you take a lesson with UTP and your swing is video taped it will be uploaded to your online locker for you to view at any time.

FlightScope Radar

At UTP we can also utilize our FlightScope unit to give you the same exact technology that is used by 90% of today's touring professionals. This unit will provide data points that are incredibly accurate and give you the best picture of your golf swing. We are able to track all your progress as objectively as possible. We can track your shot distance, club head speed, ball speed, lateral shot deviation, vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, and still 20+ more data points! Check out more on the FlightScope here!

Online FlightScope Locker

Just like with our online video reviews, we give you access to all your FlightScope data right after the lesson! You will be able to login to view this data right from our website. This gives you the ability to track your stats over the course of a few lessons, a few seasons, or even years! We believe in seeing the progress you make, that is what UTP is all about!

The Pro

Who will you take lessons from? Chris Nelson. Chris has been the owner and head instructor of Up To Par Golf for 5 years. Chris is also the head golf professional at Cedar Creek Golf Course. As a graduate of the Golf Academy of America in Myrtle Beach, SC, Chris was able to achieve certificates in Advanced Teaching; Tournament Administration; and Club Fitting and Repair. Chris also received his Associates of Applied Business in Golf Complex Operations and Management, with a dual area of emphasis in Golf Professional and General Management. During his time at the Golf Academy of America, Chris passed the Golf Academy Playing Ability Test with consecutive rounds of 75, 75. The test requires that you shoot no more than 14 strokes above the course rating for two rounds. At the Academy Chris had the privilege of observing lessons from teaching professionals, and also listen to Todd Sones, (Golf Magazine top 100 teacher) and Mike Bender (2009 PGA National Teacher of the year). Chris is also the assistant golf coach at Monsignor Donovan High School where he also attended high school and lettered on the golf team.