At UTPG we utilize technology in nearly every lesson conducted. In the last 5 years video analysis, swing software, and portable launch monitors have revolutionized the game of golf and the way it is taught. These tools are essential to learning a difficult game or breaking a bad habit. We take that technology one step further and put your video right on your home computer, tablet, or mobile phone. That way you can review your lesson anywhere, anytime. Please read below for the advantages of technology from Up To Par Golf.

 V1 Video Analysis


V1 video analysis is at the heart of every lesson. In the past 5 years golf has taken a big step forward in making the game easier to learn by using technology. That technology started with video analysis software like V1. With this program we are able to view the swing in real time when we are on the driving range. We are able to stop it, and show corrections with visual tools, or play it back frame by frame. Along with this we can also pull up any golf swing on tour to compare your current swing with. This allows us to show the student the corrections that need to made, drastically cutting back on the time needed. A picture really is worth a thousand words!

Online Video Locker

At Up To Par Golf we take your video analysis to an entire different level. After every lesson you will receive a personialized video review on your lesson and swing from that session. This will include, tips, drills, and things to remember. You are able to view that video review 24/7, 365 days a year. Oh, and you can view it from ANYWHERE. Home computer, tablet, iphone, ipad and any android devices. This is invaluable. Life can be busy, and sometimes golf can be on the back burner and we may forget some of the things we learned. However with these video reviews that will never become an issue! To view a sample lesson review please watch this video; Sample Lesson Review.

FlightScope Launch Monitor

The FlightScope is a doppler radar based launch monitor. This device tracks the flight of the golf ball in real time as it leaves your club face. This will measure the club head speed, the ball speed, the carry, roll distance, the launch angle, the spin rate, and the smash factor. All of these numbers come up in nearly real time on a tablet as we go through the lesson. This is important because it provides measurable data to see any improvements in your swing over time. After the lesson, you will be able to login to view those numbers right from our website! Just one more way we keep your game 'Up To Par'!